The identity for bots

Does your bot… Chat? Make awesome gifs? Help users stay fit? Keep users company? Does it have a name? Use .BOT to tell the world!

We are currently in a limited registration phase.

Help us keep .BOT for bots. Validate your bot.

.BOT is an identity for bots. Currently, anyone who owns, operates or manages bots published using a supported tool (Amazon Lex, Dialogflow, Gupshup, Microsoft Bot Framework, and Pandorabots) can validate a bot and register a .BOT domain name. Get on our mailing list to be notified as we support more developer tools.

More about .BOT


Showcase your published bot with your .BOT domain name across multiple channels.

Stand out

Use your .BOT identity to tell the world about your bot without getting lost in the noise.


.BOT is about bots. Use your .BOT identity to drive engagement with your users.

Get your .BOT identity through a preferred bot builder.

You can now register a .BOT domain name using a more streamlined process. Simply select a preferred bot builder below to get started.

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