Understanding domains

What’s a Top Level Domain (TLD)?

A top-level domain is what comes immediately to the right of the dot in internet addressing (ex., .MOI, .COM, .NET, .ORG).

What’s a Second Level Domain (SLD) or “domain name”?

A second level domain (SLD), or what most people call a ‘domain name’, is to the left of the dot (ex., ‘amazon’ in amazon.com) in Internet addressing. Domain names are registered through accredited registrars.

What’s a registrant?

A registrant is an individual or entity that has registered a domain name.

What’s a registrar?

A registrar sells domain names to registrants under a contract with the registry. A registrar may sell domain names in gTLDs operated by several different registries.

What’s a registry?

A registry maintains the master database of all domain names in a gTLD. Amazon Registry Services, Inc., is the registry for the .MOI gTLD.


Where can I get help setting up my website?

Your registrar, on its own or through third-parties, may offer website-related services. Please refer to your registrar’s customer service page. If your registrar is not responsive, email amazon-registry-service@amazon.com and our team will try to help.

How do I register a complaint about a .MOI website?

Amazon Registry imposes an Acceptable Use Policy for all domains on the .MOI gTLD. Please review our Legal FAQs to find an answer to your specific question.

I’m a registrar and need help. How can I contact you?

Please email amazon-registry-service@amazon.com. Please allow 1 business day for a response. Thank you.

About .MOI

What’s .MOI?

.MOI is a new generic top level domain (gTLD) intended for French speakers and French culture-related content.

Who can register a .MOI?

.MOI domains are available worldwide.

Why French?

There are 220 million primary and fluent secondary speakers of the French language in the world. .MOI is dedicated to globally unifying one online group though language.

About .BOT

What is .BOT?

.BOT is a new generic top level domain (gTLD) that is focused on the rapidly evolving bot space (software and physical bots).

Who can register a .bot domain name?

During Sunrise, all trademark holders with their trademarks registered with ICANN's trademark clearing house are eligible to register a .BOT domain name.

Why is .BOT focused on bots?

Bots - chat based software bots, personal assistants and physical robots are becoming more relevant in everyday life with the evolution of technology and available services. .BOT is aimed at creating a secure internet space for bots and the bot community.

What comes after Sunrise phase for .BOT?

We will be disclosing additional information on get.bot. Please check the website regularly for information.

Registering a .MOI domain

How do I register a .MOI domain?

You register a .MOI domain through a registrar. Click here to find an authorized registrar.

How much does it cost?

Each registrar sets its own price. Click here to find an authorized .MOI registrar.

Which registrars currently register .MOI domains?

Click here to find an authorized .MOI registrar.

Do I get an Amazon Prime discount?


Can I move my existing website to .MOI?

Yes. Once you have registered a .MOI domain name you can use it as you would any other domain name.

Can my .MOI domain name contain accented characters (e.g., è, à, ù)?

Yes. Amazon Registry Services accepts non-ASCII characters like è, ê, â. Registering your IDN is typically done just like you’d register any other domain. Your registrar will have more information on their specific processes.

Can search engines find my .MOI website?

It appears that many search engines treat new TLD domains like legacy TLDs. For instance, Google provides a Q&A on new top level domains, here.

Registering a .BOT domain

How do I register a .BOT domain?

During the sunrise phase, qualified registrants can reach out to the registrars listed on get.bot. Click here to find an authorized registrar.

How much does it cost?

Registrars set the final price for domain names. Please contact the registrars for pricing information.

What is the plan for .BOT top level domain launch?

We will update each launch phase at get.bot. Please check in regularly for updates. You can also send us an email on get.bot to sign up for updates.

Can my .BOT domain contain accented characters?

Yes. Amazon Registry Services accepts non-ASCII characters like é, ä. Registering your domain is just like any other domain registration.

I'm an AWS customer. Can I purchase a .BOT domain through Route53?

No. Please visit get.bot for a list of available registrars .BOT during Sunrise.

Internationalized domain names (IDN)

What IDN TLDs does Amazon Registry offer?

Click here.

Is there a character limit for second level domain names in Amazon Registry IDN TLDs?

The character limit for an IDN second level domain depends on the characters it contains. Search on amazonregistry.com to check if the name you want is valid.

Is there any restriction on eligibility for registration in Amazon Registry IDN TLDs?

Please consult the applicable registration policy, or email amazon-registry-service@amazon.com for specific information on a TLD.

Must I use the same IDN character set for my second level domain as is used for the top level, or can my second level domain name use another IDN character set (e.g. sushi.食品)?

Please see the relevant Registry Agreement for the approved second level IDN scripts for a particular TLD. ICANN posts Registry Agreements here.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please email amazon-registry-service@amazon.com with any additional questions.

Registrar resources

Where can I view premium names?

We will provide a list of premium names to eligible registrars before General Availability for that TLD.

Do you have a launch calendar?

We post important dates (such as launches), when those dates are available, on the NIC pages of our TLDs. Locate them at www.nic.[TLD] or click here for a complete list of TLDs scheduled for launch.

Which Amazon TLDs are open for registration?

Click here.

Who operates your registry backend?

Neustar is the backend registry operator for all eight Amazon TLDs currently scheduled for release.

We are interested in selling domains in a specific Amazon Registry TLD. Where can I find more information?

Please email amazon-registry-service@amazon.com and an account manager will respond to your inquiry.

Will domain names be available for registration on a first-come, first-serve basis?

We post our registration policies, including the mechanisms for allocating domain names, on the NIC page for that TLD (www.nic.[TLD]).

In what time zone are your calendar times listed in?

All time zones are UTC unless specified otherwise. In some cases, we may use Z/Zulu time, which is equivalent to UTC time.

What is the NIC site for each TLD?

Our NIC pages are available at www.nic.[TLD].

Where can I find your technical documentation and policies?

You should have received technical documentation during your onboarding process. If you did not receive it, or need another copy, contact your account manager, or send an email to amazon-registry-service@amazon.com. We would be happy to send you another copy.

What's your character limit for second level domains?

Our character limit for second level domains is between 1 and 63 characters.

What IDNs are available at the second level in Amazon Registry TLDs?

Please refer to the Registry Agreement for the particular TLD in question. ICANN posts Registry Agreements here.

Can we sign our registrar agreement or other agreements using Docusign?

No, not at this time.

Can you provide us more details on the launch?

We post the launch schedule on the TLD’s NIC page after ICANN approves the launch documents.

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